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The Dome

What is The Dome?

The Dome is an event area on the Astral Hub located on the north-western side of the island. It can be accessed via the walkway system, by using the teleporters located in The Bunker or by choosing “The Dome” as spawn location when spawning on the Hub.

The Dome plays host to the automated Raid Events (beta) which spawn inside on a predetermined schedule. Broadcast messages are sent across the cluster to announce upcoming Raid Events, and players can then come to raid the base either alone or with groups. The bases vary in size/difficulty and contain various loot including coins, dinos and items.

How to take part?

Raid Events (beta)

To take part in the Raid Events, you simply need to turn up when a base has spawned. You can then enter The Dome by either of the two jump pads to start the raid and exit via the teleporters inside, should you want to leave.

Schedule & Restrictions

Bases spawn at the following times and last for 2 hour 45 minutes: 01:00, 04:00, 07:00, 10:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 22:00 (UK times).

Players should destroy the base and collect the loot in containers within that timeframe, after which the area is cleared fully until a new base spawns.
Note: Restarts automatically despawn the bases and cancel the event, please take this into account.

Normal disallowed creatures on the Hub also apply in The Dome (Giga, Carcha etc.). However flying is enabled inside The Dome.


Tribe houses are available for any players looking to take part in events regularly. These houses are a place where you prepare for events, provide crafting stations, storage and terminal/mailbox access. It can also be used to store farmed resources from the Hub map itself for events purposes.

If you would like a tribe house, please DM Astral Support on our Discord to open a ticket and request a house. Please also include your tribe name and 4 digit pin code.

Risk & Rewards


Currently, there are 3 different difficulties of raid bases which are mostly indicated by their primary construction material (Stone, Metal & TEK). The difficulty is also displayed on the structures themselves.

There is a total of 9 different bases currently, and we recommend starting out with the easy bases. You will also notice that most of them do have some creatures defending them. These are stronger than your average wild dinos so be warned!


All of the bases can contain gold coins, items, resources and creatures which vary in quantity and type depending on the base and difficulty.

These rewards will improve over time as we continue to balance the bases and add additional ones.