Astral Events – The Ruins

We are happy to announce that The Ruins event area has now been added to the Astral ARK events map! It is approximately 85% complete with just minor detailing work left to be done.

The main focus of this area is to hold PVP events such as team deathmatch and capture the flag type matches. Details of these events will be posted once we’re comfortable that this area is reasonably bug free. To speed up this process, we would encourage you all to take some time to look around and let us know if you spot any bugs or issues. These can be reported in the #map-feedback channel on Discord. Please ensure you have updated to the latest version of the events map to explore this new area.

Stay tuned for further details about the events taking place in The Ruins!


20th June 2020
Sounds exciting!
21st June 2020
We had fun testing this, at least :) If you have the chance, make sure to test it as well. You can use the one on the events server with your tribe members. Let us know if you find any bugs, collision issues etc. :)

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