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We understand that you have questions regarding the relaunch, so we decided to compile them all here and provide answers.

Our goal is to relaunch on the 21st of September. However, if we receive enough feedback with our PTR, we might be able to relaunch sooner.

Our goal is to host every official map. Our current hardware doesn’t allow us to do so, but once it is upgraded we will host The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Valguero, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction. Future DLCs will also be part of the cluster once they get released.

After discussing it with our players, some of you suggested that a complete, fresh wipe would be more fair and attractive to new players.

We have put a poll in place to know your thoughts about this and the results can be found below.

We are looking to increase the rates as we know not everyone can dedicate a lot of time to play a game. We will be running x2 Experience and x4 Resources, Taming and Breeding.

Structures + will be added to the cluster. We will enable the majority of the items brought by this mod.

First of all, we will host more maps so you will play on a much bigger cluster.

Messages you send in global chat will be sent across all maps in the cluster, but also on a dedicated Discord channel. You will also be able to send messages from Discord to the in-game chat, so you won’t miss anything! This has already been implemented for our ATLAS servers, so feel free to join our Discord and check it out. Tribe chat should also work across maps as long as the tribe owner is the same on the different maps.

We want to offer a level of protection for new players. For a certain amount of hours on the server or until you reach a certain level, your structures will not take damage and you will not be able to damage other players. You can disable it at any time if you don’t want to be protected.

We will put an ORP system in place which will allow you to log out in peace. With that system, structure resistance and turret damage will be back to default as they won’t be necessary anymore.

We will also implement an in-game shop where you will be able to buy items, creatures, resources, starter packs etc. To do so, you will need shop points that you earn by playing on the servers, voting, participating in server events, supporting us on Patreon or buying them directly.

After we relaunch, we will remake the Patreon rewards entirely. The new process will give more flexibility and will rely much less on admins.

We will only need to have your Steam ID so we can give you shop points. After that part is done, it all depends on you, what you want to buy and when you want to buy it.

Details about the Patreon rewards will be available when we are closer to our goal but you can expect monthly shop points, more points than regular players as you play, a special chat tag and other cool features 😉

After we put the new rewards in place, we will start again from scratch as it would be way to difficult to track who is owed what from months and months back.

Instead, we will give people who have played on Astral ARK prior to the wipe a certain amount of shop points depending on the total amount you have donated since you supported us on Patreon. This is called your lifetime pledge, and the higher it is when we relaunch, the more points you will be given.

Just like the rewards change, this will allow for much more flexibility to the process and you will be able to buy what you want when you want it.