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Welcome to Free For All Deathmatch!

Anyone can participate, you don’t need to bring anything. Shop points will be given to the winning player(s).

How can I participate?
  • Sign up on the day by reacting¬†to the message posted in #other-events with Thumbs Up on Twitter Twemoji 13.0.1
  • Join the events map at least 5-10 minutes before the start, we suggest waiting in The Ruins spectator area
What do I need to bring?

Nothing! Your inventory will need to be empty in order to join the event. Each team will be provided 1 of 3 possible kits at random each time a round starts.

  • 100 points for the winning player (per round)
How to play
  • Admins will open the queue to join the first round at 7.00PM
  • The queue will remain open for 3 minutes
  • Type /join in chat to join the queue
  • At the end of the 3 minutes, players will automatically be teleported to a random location within The Ruins
  • After 30 seconds, players will be given a set of gear and should use the remaining time to get prepared
  • We recommend having at least 200 weight
  • The match then starts, and the last player standing will be the winner!
  • If you die, you are out of that round and will be teleported back to your original location
  • Your inventory needs to be empty in order to join the queue
  • The HUD is disabled for this event, so you do not need to leave alliances or tribes
  • If we find players camping for long periods of time, we will send up flares at their location
  • You cannot re-enter The Ruins once you are dead, you must wait until the next round
  • If you are killed, you can spectate until the start of the next round

NB: Both admin and community run events take a lot of time and effort. We expect everyone to respect players taking part in such events. Using these organised gatherings as an opportunity to engage in PVP is not permitted.