24th June 2020 @ 8:00 pm Europe/London Timezone

Welcome to The Ruins – Team Deathmatch!

Anyone can participate, you don’t need to bring anything, Shop points will be given both for participating and winning! The event should take no more than 1.5 hours, consisting of 3 rounds.

How can I participate?

Send a message in the #other-events channel on Discord or PM Shadowsong/Norlinri, we would need to know who is attending in advance so please only sign up if you are certain you can attend.

What do I need to bring?

Food and water only, no other items, equipment, or weapons are allowed (we will be checking).

  • 50 shop points for participating
  • 150 points for the winning team (per round)
How to play
  • Players will be randomly split into two teams for each round, these will be posted in advance on Discord. Each team will be assigned a leader, their job will be to invite their members to the teams
  • Each team will be assigned a tower as their starting point. The door to the towers will be closed and players will be given a short period of time to equip themselves with the weapons
  • Once the time is up, the lower doors of the tower will be opened and all players can go into The Ruins. The doors will be closed again once all players have exited the tower
  • Each team will have one sleeping bag per player, these can be placed anywhere outside of the tower. These can be destroyed by the other team so place them wisely
  • The last team standing wins when the opposing team have all been killed and they can no longer respawn using the provided sleeping bags
  • If you die, you can respawn in one of your tribe’s sleeping bags if available. If not you must respawn outside and wait until the round is over
  • Only items and weapons provided are allowed
  • It is the tribe leader’s responsibility to ensure the right players are in the tribe

NB: Both admin and community run events take a lot of time and effort. We expect everyone to respect players taking part in such events. Using these organised gatherings as an opportunity to engage in PVP is not permitted.

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