29th March 2020 @ 8:00 pm Europe/London Timezone

What is it?

Mini Dojo takes place at the Colosseum on the events map. This a single-elimination tournament for small dinos where the winner of each match-up will play another in the next round, until only the champion is left standing.

What can I bring?

Each player can bring one creature from the list below:
– Archaeopteryx
– Bulbdog
– Compy
– Dodo
– Dung Beetle
– Glowtail
– Hesperornis
– Kairuku
– Lystro
– Mesopithecus
– Microraptor
– Shinehorn

How it works
  • Make sure your entrant is on aggressive and in cryo upon arrival
  • Two players will be called for each round in chat and assigned a podium
  • Each player should use the teleporter next to their podium and place their tame in the starting area, close to the inner gate
  • Players can teleport back to their podium by using the teleporter inside the starting area
  • At the “Go”, both players will whistle their tames into the middle of Colosseum (the key should be “,” if you haven’t changed it), at which point they will automatically attack each other
  • At the end of the round, both players will use the teleporter and collect their tame/dead body so the next round may begin
  • If you won the round, use any Plant Z to heal your entrant
  • No helmet/gear allowed
  • No veggie cake allowed
  • Dinos entering the event must be level 215 or higher (loan dinos are available for first time entrants only)
  • If two or more members from the same tribe are participating, they must bring different species of dinos
  • In order to get prizes you will be expected to attend the whole event
  • Throwing tames out in the stands in order to provide mate boost to competitors is not allowed
  • Spectators should remain seated to avoid drawing aggro
What can I win?

Participants can win the following prizes:

  • 1st place gets 150 points and 1 Astral crate
  • 2nd place gets 100 points and 1 Astral crate
  • All the other participants get 50 points

You can also bet on the dino you think will be champion for a chance to win resources! Bets work as follows:

  • Until 7 pm, each player, whether they are taking part in the event or just spectating, can place a fixed bet on the participant they think will win by sending a PM to Dagger
  • Shortly after 7 pm,¬†brackets are posted in the #colosseum channel on Discord
  • Any message that has been edited will not be taken into account
  • When the winner is announced, the pool will be shared evenly between those who bet on them
  • If no one bets on the winner, the pool will roll over until the next event
  • If the pool rolls over, next event’s bet will be identical (i.e. if poly was bet initially and no one won, poly will also be the fixed bet for the next event)
  • If a participant pulls out, bets placed against them will still be shared evenly between those who bet against the winner
  • If you let us know who you think will win but haven’t given us your bet before the event starts, you will not be eligible for the winnings

Contact Dagger on Discord if you are interested or if you have any questions.

NB: Both admin and community run events take a lot of time and effort. We expect everyone to respect players taking part in such events. Using these organised gatherings as an opportunity to engage in PVP is not permitted.

Mini Dojo (01.11.2020) – Halloween special