10th February 2020 – 23rd February 2020 all-day Europe/London Timezone

While ARK is under Cupid’s spell, you can expect to find past event items, such as chocolates and candies, as well as brand new skins! With this event, Red, Magenta, Light Red and White coloured wild creatures can be found wandering the ARKs searching for true love’s kiss. For the duration of the event, Coelacanth will be fishing for some love. Reel in these amorous fish and be showered in candies, some chocolates and even chibi pets.

From next official update until the end of the event, hatching and gestation get a slight boost (5x).

NB: To start with, those new chibis won’t be obtainable. They will be available once the developers have launched the event on the official network.

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