Discussion #2: Shop and pack ideas

Hey survivors,

As you know, the shop is an important part of our servers as this is where you can spend the points you’ve earned by the sweat of your brow when taking part in Arena, Mini Dojo and other events and by simply playing or supporting the servers.

You may have noticed that some packs are TBC. We want to know what you would like to see included in them or if you want to see them added at all, so leave a comment below if you have any suggestions. Our top priority is the following packs: Defence pack, Common resources and Rare resources.

We are also considering adding DLC-specific resource packs, such as a Scorched Earth pack that would include sand, cactus sap, sulfur etc. or an Aberration pack with gems or fungal wood. Let us know if you would be interested to see those added in the shop.

If you have any other suggestions, please comment below so we can have one central place to gather feedback and we will look into it. Remember that our aim is not to have a pay-to-win shop but to offer a wider variety of items and resources so that you can spend your points in something you want or need.

Please note that we cannot add items of a specific quality tier as there is a chance they will spawn in with a lower quality. The only option would be to add random quality packs where players would have to take their chance and see if they were lucky.

We would like to get as much input as possible, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment even if you see that someone already gave the same suggestion.


4th April 2020
Would it be possible to set it up so that you can select what gender you want the creature you buy to be? Can get expensive to roll the dize at times... Random quality blueprint shop maby? Where you just select the blueprint you want, and hope for the best.
4th April 2020
Given how the shop works, choosing the gender is not an option unfortunately. We can consider random quality blueprint packs, that's a good idea. I'm thinking sets of armour/weapons/saddles? We can't add every blueprint individually :) Do you have any input about the three packs mentioned in the post?
4th April 2020
I'd like the rare resources pack to contain some tribute items for boss fights - should be quite costly however as I dont think it should be shortcut to avoid the tribute grind Also I'd like access to high levels tames that are either impossible to obtain i.e. Aberrant Megalania (spawnable - but it just never got a spawn spot on AB) and other tames that were never given a kibble preference and are therefore impossible to perfect tame i.e. Araneo
4th April 2020
We were actually thinking about having some artifact/tribute packs in the shop like we used to have when we were on the old platform, so that's a good suggestion. And I agree, it would be quite expensive for the reason you mention! We'll have a think about the creatures you mention. Adding anything to the shop that is not obtainable via normal means in the game is something that some players would consider pay-to-win, in a way. We had to tweak some creatures we put in the shop when we relaunched as we got some negative feedback about them because they were not normally obtainable in-game.
4th April 2020
Archaeopteryx. Microraptor. Single cryopods. I second pricey tributes. Hard poly in rare resources (?). Prim crossbow + 10 grapples to help yourself get yourself unstuck, for when the game is having a laugh. A loot crate at x quality (yellow, red etc) such as found in the world, is that possible? To get a chance at whatever gear/bp's can drop from those. In a defence pack I would consider adding baby turrets, large crop plot, x-plant seeds, fert, spikes.
5th April 2020
There are some good ideas there, thanks for the input! Yes indeed, it would be possible to add loot crates to the shop. I'd need to do some testing with those but I know it is an option at least.
4th April 2020
Defence pack --> some normal turrets + 100 ammo per. gennie + stack of gas. few crop plots + x / y seeds. 1 or 2 fertilizer per plot. and maybe a few spike walls. Common resources ---> its commen... i tihnk people will farm before buying it. but maybe some recources from the expansions that are commen ? (catus sap, sulfur, gems etc etc) and Rare resources --> rare mushrooms / flowers, hard polymer, black pearls, normal pearls ? What i like to see added: ---> Mindwipe tonic. doens't have to be realy expansive. they're just a pain to make. ---> options to perhaps buy some different kind of dino's ( aberant, X, Tek). other sort being more expansive. ---> S+ grinder. since the normal grinder is in game, add the S+ to the shop for people to buy. this way we still can all have it :D points are free after all.
5th April 2020
Thanks for the ideas :) I guess it depends how much would be in the common resources pack. For example if you can have a bunch of hide/chitin/keratin all at once, it might be more convenient for some people rather than spending their entire evening farming it.
6th April 2020
I don't think I'd like to see the structure/defense packs come in to be honest as a lot of abuse or harassment could be taken with them and it just seems like an easy way to Pay to Win pvp kit (i.e. using the packs to build fobs quickly to raid and harass other player bases) I think having to resource gather and prepare for a raid is part of the fun and challenge of pvp. As for the resource packs I would say the common should be fine, but I would highly consider the price of the rare resources bundle if you do put them in, after all they are suppose to be rare for a reason and the tames to gather them are already accessible through the shop. Some equipment to get out of places when you're stuck would be nice though with all the strain on the servers currently, or a shop code that would spawn you into the safe location of the map with your gear and things for a price. I do think expanding on the creatures would be nice (i.e being able to buy the Abberant, and X since we do have a few TEK creatures in the shop). It would allow players that don't have the DLCs to experience these creatures and their beauty/strength. Some new little pets would be nice (The above mentioned Microraptor and Archaeopteryx) as cute little companions for beginning players. Thanks for all the work you're doing and asking for input, we appreciate you ^-^
7th April 2020
Thank you for the input, Verd! You are making good points, it's nice to hear a different opinion. Of course, rare resources should be more expensive. We're just still considering what to add in it really. We'd like to know what people consider rare and more difficult to obtain as it would give us a better idea of the price once we know that. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us :)
12th April 2020
Aberrant creatures, crossbow/grappling for getting unstuck and + grinders for shop is great ideas. X should be out until the genesis dlc is fully open in my opinion though.
18th April 2020
I'd really like a way to fix messed up imprints.... obviously it should be horrendously expensive, its just that sometimes it would be nice to have a fall back solution when you mess up an event reaper for example...
19th April 2020
I would really like a pack with the S+ Mutator so we could have the option to breed crabs, basilisks, rockdrakes, wyverns, and Griffins (Etc), this would be expensive because most breeders would want to add more colors or stats to their dinos that cant breed.
19th April 2020
this is way too op, if you want mutations and colours it should be difficult
19th April 2020
its not about quick mutations its about breeding basilisks drakes, or crabs
20th April 2020
that would make them broken :P there strong unbreedable for reason
19th April 2020
Think pvp cool down Timer should be reduced to a minute as if your raiding a base you cant get out with the loot for 10 minutes and you just scuff your self completely if you pick up a stack more then 100, i know stops people pop corning but if its reduced to 1 minute rather then 6+ help both sides as well as if your raiding a base the timer would allways be stuck on one minute as your be soaking there base ect to keep the cool down running! atmo this feature ruins it for people i belive! all so add s+ dedicated storages to the engram list after restart normal dedicated storages change to s+ anyway and its complete nightmare to try snap more dedicated storages on to the ones you all ready have!!! would like to see the pull feature for s+ re added its not really that broken and its more eas of life feature! anyway thanks ! hope you read this much love STEVEO!(james)
19th April 2020
Would really really want a way to get the S+ grinder
23rd April 2020
I wanted to let everyone know that even if we are extremely busy recently and don't have time to go and respond to every comment one by one, we read them all and really appreciate the feedback and ideas. Please keep sending us suggestions in the comments, as long as they are related to things that you think could be added in or removed from the shop. This is very useful to us, and as soon as we have more free time, we will work on it.
23rd April 2020
would be interested to see Abb dinos and maybe later down the line X dinos added to the shop.
25th April 2020
Widow here, So here comes my opinion after thinking a while, We couldn't ask for more lvl headed open minded admins. They have listened to the community and tailored the shop and safezones already as it its. So. People want convenience for resources and defenses, i get it I've wanted it too. But in the long run lets think of balance. Pretend you are new. You just built your first base and then pretend next to you overnight some credit card swiping asshole just built a fob, bought a bunch of dinos and steam rolled you into the stone age. with no work no effort just money. So certain things i wouldn't call P2W because they have limits and times you cannot buy them (pvp makes it so you cannot use the shop). But a few things ring a bell of red flag waving in my head. Resources, and turrets. A rockdrake with no imprint does not put you ahead of the pack. it will die just as easy to towers as the rest. Swap that now, Say you can make a base and now put said turrets and defenses with just a swipe of a credit card and absolutely no work for the poly, the electronics, the metal. I dont think i need to say much much more about it...But in my personal opinion... buying turrets and the resources to make them with no actual work in game... Is the VERY DEFINITION of P2W. With enough IRL money someone with no skill and no work can be untouchable and defended in a way that not even the alpha of the server could touch them. In Conclusion, If you think defenses and resources are not P2W then i think you just might fall into the category of those who would abuse it and ruin our server. P.S. (I do think a specification of x and aberrant would be cool. But only if tied to buying them on that map.)
4th May 2020
I think there should be a kibble pack that gives 10-20 of each kibble, this would help newish players to get good tames to build up and be able to engage more in events, i do not know the price of this pack but im guessing it would be around 400 points
9th May 2020
What if the s+ Taxidermy bases so we can hide and change the bases.
7th June 2020
Would be cool to be able to spend shop points to change character name and appearance, ofc it should have a cd tho
20th June 2020
I'd love to have Kaprosuchus added to the shop!
4th May 2021
Select Genesis 1 Dinos once Gen2 gets released would be nice. Was thinking about Magmasaurs and more X Variants
6th July 2021
me and a few people would love it if you could add r-seeds to the shop at some point
6th July 2021
and maybe they could cost the same as the expert kibble pack (500) but you get 1 or 2 of each seed
9th September 2021
add Baryonyx

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