Discussion #1: Creatures in PVP

Hey everyone,

We would like to get everyone’s thoughts about which creatures are used the most in PVP, whether it is because they are very resistant or have a special ability that makes them important to use, or any other reason that you can think about.

This discussion is very important, so please take some time to comment on this post and provide constructive feedback. The more feedback we get and the more detailed it is, the more insight it provides.


6th October 2019
My Personal list i have observed: Managarmr: fast hard, hard to hit, long range spammable freeze ray that can be channeled by multiple players at once at an enemy team or base. Gigantasaurus: For all the obvious reasons (shouldn't need explained lol) Rock Golem: same as above Wyvren: airborne elemental artillery, also strong on land with gust attack and basic melee. Snow Owl: AOE freeze and heal to team or enemies, heat vision for finding players trying to run or hide. Rock Drakes: Fast glide and dive, stealth, strong attack (though slow), and can scale walls. Yutyrannus (spelling?): Fear and Buff Screams, decent personal combat use, fuzzy. Velonasaur: living breathing turrets, can shred large targets and armor in seconds while in turret mode. Definitely not a toy to be played with lightly. Last on my list but certainly not least... REX or more importantly TEK REX: Backbone of assault force damage and tankyness, huge potential to overpower most foes and the Tek variant can reach higher levels than the flesh so even more potential there.
6th October 2019
Paracer: Commonly named as "Racer" for short. Very tanky creature(can reach 40k-45k hp when imprinted and leveled). With health mutations, they can be ridiculous. As far I know, the ones on Official PVP are at about 200k health when leveled. It can be fed sweet veggie cakes to heal it while soaking turrets at the same time. Since it has a platform saddle, you can build a box on it to protect rider from getting snipped. It's the best choice for soaking in an online raid. Meks: An offensive creature that clears spam while paracers are soaking. They are the most unbalanced "creature" so far in Ark; they have very high damage when made from blueprints, they clear spam around enemy bases, their shields provide buff to allied creatures and debuffs to enemy creatures. Tapejara: Basically, another offensive creature that goes with meks and paracers. While racers are soaking and meks clearing spam, the tapejaras can shoot enemy structures when wearing a tek saddle. They do little damage to metal structures but are the best against tek structures. On top of that, they are easier to use than tek rexes because they are flyers and the can strafe left, right or up and down making them very hard to hit. Yutyrannus: Encourage scream is basically worth a 100% imprint on any allied creature in its range making it a must have for pvp. So far, it's the only viable support dino in the game. Giganotosaurus: The most used dps dino in Ark. It has high base damage, a huge AOE. velonasaurs: Their turret mode is almost useless for now. they can be easily snipped from far away but they are very good dps when using the right click which does a burst attack that can melt enemy creatures or survivors health. Triceratops: Used for offline raiding a base or when pushing a cave. They take 25% damage of turret shots on their heads only. Since they're herbivores, they can be soaking and healed at the same time when fed sweet veggie cakes. Reapers: Very good for taking down flyers with their tail spit(right click) and it's also an awesome choke point creature with its tail spin (c-attack) and with a high health pool. Therizinosaurus: Herbivore than can do high damage while being very fast and fast healing(sweet veggie cakes). It can easily out-dps a Rex if there's a good rider. Woolly rhinos: high dps herbivores; They're among the giga counters since they can rage gigas in one hit at times. They also one tap survivors on foot if they have sufficient rage on their gauge.

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