The shop is now open

Hi survivors,

It has now been two weeks since we relaunched Astral ARK and we think it is the perfect time to open the shop! Don’t forget to visit the shop page to check what can be purchased in-game.

We will monitor how the shop is used and welcome any feedback you would have on how to improve it.

Playing on the servers will get you 1 point every 15 min. You can also take part in server events once we start the Arena again or donate via our online store. Every donation helps towards the hosting costs and is also put towards advertising the servers.

Those of you who played before the wipe and those who donated during the campaign should have already received their shop points. Thanks again to everyone who contributed 🙂

We hope to see you on ARK soon!

NB: Patreon doesn’t currently give you any rewards for ARK.

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