Shop Update

We have taken some time to review the shop recently and have decided to make the following changes which will come into effect after the next reboot.


  • All shop creatures have had their points cost reduced by 20%
  • All kits/packs have been reduced by 20%
  • R-3 Seeds have been reduced to 500 points and R-4 & R-5 have been reduced to 750 points


  • Cryopods have been changed to 5 points per 1, instead of 25 points per 5 so you can now select the exact number you need


  • All Artifacts are available for purchase
  • Specific tributes are available for purchase

Arena will now give 600 points instead of 700 points to keep it proportional to the changes, this will give you a little more than previously when taking into account the new shop prices.

As with any changes, we will be monitoring things and will make further adjustments if necessary. The shop page will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.

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