Genesis FAQ

Hey survivors,

We hope you all enjoy the new DLC! With our Genesis server up and running, we got lots of questions on various topics. Some of those questions are coming up often in chat, so we, along with our moderators, decided to post an FAQ to hopefully answer as many as possible. Please make sure you read everything carefully as this post contains important information.

Is ORP enabled?

Yes, ORP is enabled. We have experienced some difficulties with the ORP plugin when Genesis got released and as a result we had to enable the built-in protection, which doesn’t allow alliances. The plugin is now stable and enabled again on all servers, and we want to thank you all for your patience and for sticking around even though it was a bumpy ride at first!

Currently, both the plugin and built-in ORP are active to ensure a smooth transition for players and prevent unwanted offline raids, which means alliances are still disabled for now. Make sure you have set your ORP properly on the area of your choice, as only the ORP plugin will be active after our usual restart at around midnight (UK time), which will also re-enable alliances across the whole cluster. For more information about how ORP works on our servers and how to set it, please check this page.

Will you change the 2 build locations limit?

Genesis will not have a different rule regarding build locations. However, we understand that a new map to explore is exciting and that players will tend to leave clutter around until they are familiar with the DLC, so we haven’t started clearing the map and extra locations yet. That being said, we would appreciate if everyone stayed within the limit, as otherwise when we clear the map, you will lose things that you wanted to keep.

This limit is here for several reasons, one of them being that it allows new players to find free spots to build their base when they join Astral ARK, as we are sure this is what happened with most of you as well. With this rule in place, we don’t have to rely on much stricter restrictions such as very quick dino and structure decay like you can find on most other servers. In addition, HLN-A allows you to teleport your character, items and dinos easily across biomes. You can also buy cryopods with Hexagons to easily move dinos around with you.

Why can I not ride flyers?

Flyers were not intended to be used on Genesis initially, as you can read in this tweet from Dollie, LiveOps for ARK. Things are more challenging when you are on foot, especially on a brand new map where there is a lot to discover. However, the devs will continue to balance and review things, and flyers are part of it. We will also continually review this as time goes on.

Why can I not build in Mission areas?

Our focus on Astral ARK has always been to allow all players to reach end game content if they so wish. Missions are an essential part of Genesis as you need to complete them in order to run boss fights. We don’t allow players to build in Mission areas and blocking other players’ progress either, for example by trying to circumvent Mission areas, as it would go against what we think is best for the server and our players.

Can I block access to glitches?

Same as above, glitches are directly tied to end game content. You can build not far from a glitch as long as you still allow other players to access it freely.

When will you enable transfers of items and creatures in and out of Genesis?

We currently do not have any ETA to share for transfers in and out of Genesis, but we will most likely align with official servers.

At the moment, some creatures and items are still too imbalanced to allow them to leave the map. It seems like the devs are looking into it and reviewing things constantly, so we will keep an eye on the situation. If you had time to transfer any Genesis creatures out of the map, please get in touch with Norlinri or Shadowsong as soon as possible as we will soon run commands to clear those off the other maps to ensure no one has an advantage over other players.

EDIT 02.03: Transfers out of Genesis are now allowed.

Transfers of items and creatures to Genesis are not enabled yet in order to keep the challenge of a new map to a maximum.

Can I buy dinos and kits from the shop?

Only the Free starter kit is available on Genesis and you cannot buy anything from the shop at the moment. You can still build up shop points as you play. The shop is not fully open yet so that some players don’t have an unfair advantage due to having built up points over time, and also so that no one bypasses the whole new experience and challenge that is Genesis by buying end game creatures straight away. There is also a lot we don’t know about which foreign creatures will be allowed in the map, if any.

Why are gamma/map marker/crosshair disabled?

We feel like those three settings help improve realism and challenge in ARK when disabled, which is why they have always been set this way ever since we launched Astral ARK. For example, there are several ways in game to counter the darkness of the night: torches, night-vision goggles, Snow Owl, TEK helmet etc. Not having a map marker pushes players to use environmental clues and points of interest on the map to remember their location. Crosshair was never enabled as shooting in ARK is pretty accurate already.

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