Astral ARK: The relaunch

Hi survivors,

As you all have probably noticed, we have reached our goal to relaunch Astral ARK! We have received incredible support since we started the campaign, and we can’t thank you enough for helping us, we definitely didn’t expect to reach our goal that fast!

I have contributed to the goal, what about my rewards?

Please make sure that you provided your Steam ID with your donation. If you haven’t, we have no way to know who we should send points to or give a chat tag if you wanted it.

If you have made a donation and/or have supported us on Patreon, you will receive shop points as soon as the shop is open and complete. This will not happen right after relaunch to ensure fairness for all players, as we are sure you all understand.

What now?

Now that our goal has been reached, we will look at buying the new hardware to host the servers. At the moment, the planned date for the relaunch is the 21st of September. In the meantime, we are still looking for feedback on several points about the servers, which is why we currently have a PTR (Private Test Realm) live.

Astral ARK relaunches in…

The PTR is only open to a select few players. If you are willing to give constructive and detailed feedback on specific points that we are looking into, feel free to message Norlinri on Discord. We will soon put the second phase of the PTR up to further test one specific feature. More information will be shared in the #PTR channel on Discord which is only accessible to players participating in it.

Once again, thank you to everyone who helped reach our goal 🙂

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