Astral ARK is live

Hi survivors,

We are glad to see that our players are excited for the relaunch of Astral ARK at 10AM. Believe us when we say that we are too 🙂

In order for you to start your journey well prepared, we would recommend that you read this page, as it should answer most of your questions. This will explain how you can get the most out of the features we have implemented on the servers like Vote Rewards, New Player Protection or ORP.

Structures +?!

Yes, we have finally implemented Structures +! This didn’t go without its challenges, and it took some time to pick and choose what we wanted to keep. We have enabled most items, however we got rid of the Farmer, Gardener, Animal tender and Sheep herder.

New hardware

As announced when we hit our goal, we had plans to refresh the Astral ARK hardware. Originally we had planned and needed to do this before the relaunch, however after some consideration we have decided to wait a little longer until the release of some newer hardware which will help future proof us in the long run.

To allow for the delay in the new hardware and still keep to our launch date, we have had to come up with a temporary solution which should keep us going for the short term. We will follow up with an additional post once the new hardware is ready to go and don’t worry, we won’t need to wipe the servers!

Please let us know if something is not working as intended, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

See you soon in game!

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