Astral ARK Events Map Teaser

Hi everyone,

We have a bit of a teaser for you today on a project we have been working on for quite some time now. Over the last month we have been working on an events map for Astral ARK which we feel is finally at a point that we can share more info with you. This new map should allow for a smoother and more customized experience while no longer impacting other players on Ragnarok.

Here are the main things to look forward to!

The Map

  • Small in size but room for expansion
  • Created to only require the base game and no DLCs
  • Events storage area
  • Includes most base resources
  • Unique to Astral ARK


  • Arena
  • Mini Dojo
  • Dino races (More info to follow)
  • The Ruins (PVP, more info to follow)
  • Other events TBC

We will share more info on this as we progress, so stay tuned!



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