Astral ARK Dual Cluster is now live

Astral ARK Dual Cluster is now live!


Join now: steam://connect/

All available info about the new cluster can be found on the Astral ARK home page and in the #dual-cluster-faq channel on Discord.


How to play

Step 1

Ensure you have downloaded the below map and mods in advance to speed up your initial load into game.

Astral ARK Events Map:
Builder’s Improvements:
Structures Plus:
Auction House:

Step 2

Join the server by using the above link or via the join link on our homepage. Upon loading into the map you will be teleported to a starting room.

Step 3

You now need to choose your path and decide if you join our PVE or PVP game modes, once decided you can then transfer off to your chosen servers (Prefixed with PVP or PVE).

Step 4

Now that you have selected your game mode you can, in future,  join all of those servers directly through the ingame browser as per normal.

Join Links

Please remember, if you are a new player you must join the Astral ARK map first. For everyone else you can join which ever map your character is on.

Astral ARK steam://connect/

PVE Servers
Aberration PVE steam://connect/
Crystal Isles PVE steam://connect/
Extinction PVE steam://connect/
Genesis I PVE steam://connect/
Ragnarok PVE steam://connect/
Scorched Earth PVE steam://connect/
The Center PVE steam://connect/
The Island PVE steam://connect/
Valguero PVE steam://connect/

PVP Servers
Aberration PVP steam://connect/
Crystal Isles PVP steam://connect/
Extinction PVP steam://connect/
Genesis I PVP steam://connect/
Ragnarok PVP steam://connect/
Scorched Earth PVP steam://connect/
The Center PVP steam://connect/
The Island PVP steam://connect/
Valguero PVP steam://connect/

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