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Astral ARK

Hosted by Astral Imperium

Astral Imperium

Astral Imperium was founded on June 10th 2014. We opened our Astral ARK servers in July 2015.

We have been gradually increasing the size of our cluster over the years, and our goal right now is to host all the official maps in one cluster. You will be able to play on The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero and any other official maps that will be released in the future.

We have a good idea of features we are going to implement on Astral ARK when we relaunch, but we need your help if you would like to be part of it and play on it much sooner.

How can I help?

Unfortunately, our current hardware will never allow us to host all the official maps, so we need to upgrade it if we want to relaunch and get Astral ARK 2.0 live!

We know what a brand new server would cost but keep in mind that this is just an estimate. It could be more expensive in the end as new and more powerful hardware gets released between now and when we manage to reach our goal. The parts we need would approximately cost £3000 in total.

You can donate as much and as often as you want. Those donations will purely be spent towards new hardware. The quicker we reach our goal, the earlier we will be able to relaunch the cluster!

If you donate and want to show that you helped make it happen, you will be able to request a special chat tag once the servers are relaunched 😀 Just give us your Steam profile URL in one of the fields requested with your donation, otherwise we won’t be able to offer the tag.

  1. Astral ARK relaunch

    £3,000.00 donated of £3,000.00 goal

Below are some features that will be part of the servers once relaunched, along with increased rates.

Cross Chat

Our players can interact with one another on global or tribe chat, no matter which map they are playing on. You can also join the discussion via Discord!


You can buy items from our in-game shop with points that you earn through several ways:

Play on the servers
Take part in server events
Support us on Patreon

Vote Rewards

Vote daily and get Metal Ingots, Element and shop points!


While you are offline, your dinos and structures don’t take damage. You can log off in peace without the risk of losing anything.